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David's autographed photo auctioned for Haiti [22 Jan 2010|06:27am]

45 minutes! Get it while you can!

Only about 10 minutes left!


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Autographed photo of David to help Haitian kids [18 Jan 2010|07:15am]

I was contacted by a representative of The Peace Fund, which is the charity created by Highlander star Adrian Paul, about their current auctions designed to raise money to help children in Haiti.

It's a good charity that helps kids on any given day, but we're all aware of the horror in Haiti right now and the money raised is earmarked for that relief effort.

It just so happens that one of the auctions is an autographed photo of David Wenham in which he also wrote the Highlander 'motto' "There can be only one." I'm actually a big Highlander fan so that tickles me.

There are other auctions up right now and I encourage all those interested to bid. And even if you don't bid on these auctions, give where you can to help Haiti. I read a story yesterday about 85 elderly in a nursing home who are essentially waiting to die because no one will help them. I couldn't finish the article, nor could I bring myself to watch the video. All I can do is send money and pass on this kind of information.

Go and bid on David's picture, and do whatever you can. And thanks to Adrian Paul and folks like John Bierly who contacted me who are working hard for the charity to help others!

You'll be bidding on this:


I just bid a little chunk and I'm in the lead with a lot left to go before you can beat me. So, beat me. (I also bid on Nathan Fillion's photo, because who doesn't love Nathan Fillion?)

Adrian Paul's great charity is at thepeacefund.org. Please spread the word about the auctions!
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[10 Nov 2009|11:55pm]

[ mood | tired ]

I'm so terribly excited about David Wenham's new movie "Pope Joan"!  
That's why I couldn't resist to make new icons of his character Gerold.
The movie has been released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria so far, but unfortunately where I live we have to wait another six weeks. Well, at least the film will be released here, so I'm counting the days! 

I think David looks just divine as Gerold, though I think the character kind of looks like the comeback of Faramir!!!

Yes, I'm still a huge David fan and since the man is such a wonderful subject to make an endless amount of icons about, I also made a couple of new Faramir ones as well as just David icons.

Feel free to use them, but giving credits would be nice!  ;)


More icons under the cutCollapse )

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[20 Oct 2009|01:30pm]

It's in German, which does me no good - damnit his HAWTNESS translate well. :P

I do prefer him with long hair.

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Photo Call for Pope Joan [20 Oct 2009|11:41am]

Let's try another shall we! again, medium quality.

Photo Call for Pope JoanCollapse )
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Pope Joan Red Carpet [20 Oct 2009|11:34am]

I really hope I'm doing this right.  Photobucket hates me.  Medium quality. Pope Joan Red CarpetCollapse )
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"Australia" Premeire [19 Nov 2008|07:14am]


I got these off WIREIMAGE, credit them.  They're only medium quality, sorry.

Daisy!Collapse )
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[17 Sep 2007|11:42am]


Random Diver Dan Spam:

Get Your Red-Hot Diver HereCollapse )
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[17 Mar 2007|06:57pm]

Here to pimp the new LIMS community for our lovely David -wenham_limsbut i did bring some pretties as well ; )
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New David pics [19 Feb 2007|03:02pm]

[ mood | melancholy ]

YEAH! Since David was attending Tropfest this weekend it was to be expected we should get new David pics.

I also found some pics of David attending the Urban Cinefile 10th Anniversary Party celebrating "The Future of Movies" at the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney. These pictures were taken today! Enjoy! :)

x-posted here and there


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new 300 sneak peek [17 Feb 2007|02:24pm]

Yahoo has a 300 sneak peek posted. Here's the linky...haven't watched it yet to see if Daisy is in it anywhere but thought I'd post since he's in the movie. :D

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David, Toni, John. . . and some other woman [17 Jan 2007|11:20pm]

This is an older picture, but it's still nice, and this community's far too quiet. It's David, Toni Collette, John Polson, and someone I think may be named Rachel? I don't know, I look at her face and that's the name I keep getting. I've probably never seen her before in my life. *shrug*

Cut for sizeCollapse )

Now, a little pimping. Daisy Chain, a fan of online Trading Card Games and David Wenham, has created Daisy Petals, an online David Wenham Trading Card Game wherein the members collect virtual 'cards'--images all having something to do with DW-- by playing games and solving puzzles, by contributing to the community and a variety of other ways, and by trading with other members. The cards are little images, all in sets--by character, scene, some are costars, locations, events, etc. --and you choose which ones you'd like to collect entire sets of, keep, or trade with other members. Some examples of the sets currently available are Carl, Faramir from ROTK, Faramir from TTT, Sam from Crocodile Hunter, Audrey from Moulin Rouge!-many more of David. There are sets of scenes--Doug's Fire from Cosi, Brothers from TTT and ROTK, Jim's Day in Court from The Bank, and more. There are sets of his costars--Orlando Bloom, Gerard Butler, Sean Bean, and more. Because it's new more sets are going to be added often. Daisy Chain has put TONS of work into this, and is still working hard. It's a great addition to the fandom.

It's free and fun, and one more way to connect with other DW fans.

Go to the Daisy Petals website and read all about it, comment or email me if you need help, and if you join (and I hope you do) my thanks for listing me, cousinshelley, as the person who referred you.
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Own a one-of-a-kind artwork by David Wenham [25 Oct 2006|09:07pm]

I got an email from Sydney, today, because I'm a David Wenham fan. No, the email wasn't from David Wenham, but from a public relations corporation interested in helping to promote David's recent charitable contributions, and of course I'm thrilled to do what I can.

I've copied and pasted the relevant part of the email:

David recently donated some of his time to Mount Franklin ’s Feel Good In Springtime campaign to help raise funds for breast cancer research. Mount Franklin is Australia ’s leading bottled water who recently became a platinum partner with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. As part of the campaign, David designed an artwork which was part of a recent exhibition at the Sydney Opera House. His design is also available on the sleeves of 250mL Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling bottles currently available at cafes, hotels & restaurants.

David’s artwork has just been released to auction, where all funds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. His canvas artwork is the only one of it’s kind. Also up for grabs is David’s 32” LCD TV & Hi Definition set top box. Bids are only open for a limited time, ending Thursday November 2nd, so make sure you log onto Ebay Australia and search for “Mount Franklin” or check out Feel Good in Springtime for further information about David’s involvement with the campaign.

Check out all the neat stuff up for auction by searching as mentioned above, but specifically the High-Def TV set can be found HERE and David's artwork can be found HERE.

Sounds like a winner to me, and I'm thrilled to help spread the word, even in some small way.

Cross-posted everywhere and then some. :)
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12 inch Faramir [20 Oct 2006|06:10pm]

If you collect figures (or if you think you might need to start now...) Sideshow-Weta has announced that their next 12 inch figure will be Faramir!

Podcasters who tuned in to our October 12th edition of Sideshow Radio discovered that our next LOTR 12-inch figure will indeed be Faramir! Stay tuned to our Production Blog and newsletters in the coming weeks for all the information about this Ranger of Ithilien! If you missed the teaser pic, download our September 28th enhanced podcast to view it.

So far the only picture is the one they used for the "guess who's next" post, so I can't wait to see him...

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[10 Oct 2006|10:45pm]



CLICKCollapse )

x-posted here and there
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From Dust [04 Sep 2006|05:28pm]

Here's a banner made out of a shot from a cut scene from Dust. I'd love to see this.

Cut for sizeCollapse )

cross-posted at daisy_daily and dave_uncensored
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David at the Irwin Memorial [20 Sep 2006|01:59pm]

Here it is streaming: http://mp3.news.com.au/bcm/irwin-funeral.html David's in part 8 specifcally. It'll start playing immediately with Russell Crowe. And as a side note Hugh Jackman (for Van Helsing fans I guess, appears in part 7)

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[20 Sep 2006|02:00pm]

David Wenham attended and spoke at Steve Irwin's memorial service yesterday.

Did anyone get to watch??  I heard about the time earlier in the day but by the time I got home, I completely forgot.  I'm hoping Animal Planet will air it again.

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