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Autographed photo of David to help Haitian kids

I was contacted by a representative of The Peace Fund, which is the charity created by Highlander star Adrian Paul, about their current auctions designed to raise money to help children in Haiti.

It's a good charity that helps kids on any given day, but we're all aware of the horror in Haiti right now and the money raised is earmarked for that relief effort.

It just so happens that one of the auctions is an autographed photo of David Wenham in which he also wrote the Highlander 'motto' "There can be only one." I'm actually a big Highlander fan so that tickles me.

There are other auctions up right now and I encourage all those interested to bid. And even if you don't bid on these auctions, give where you can to help Haiti. I read a story yesterday about 85 elderly in a nursing home who are essentially waiting to die because no one will help them. I couldn't finish the article, nor could I bring myself to watch the video. All I can do is send money and pass on this kind of information.

Go and bid on David's picture, and do whatever you can. And thanks to Adrian Paul and folks like John Bierly who contacted me who are working hard for the charity to help others!

You'll be bidding on this:


I just bid a little chunk and I'm in the lead with a lot left to go before you can beat me. So, beat me. (I also bid on Nathan Fillion's photo, because who doesn't love Nathan Fillion?)

Adrian Paul's great charity is at Please spread the word about the auctions!
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